Exquisite custom design done in-house. Bring your ideas to life.



One of the most exciting and rewarding experiences for us is bringing a custom design to life. Every step is done in close partnership with you to ensure that the end product is just right.
Perhaps you have imagined your perfect piece but have never seen anything like it in a store. The first step to making your idea a reality is coming to Ashley Lauren Custom Jewelers. Bring a sketch, a photo or an idea in your head, and we'll begin to lay out the plans.


After an idea has been sketched, Ashley and Bob turn to Computer-aided Design (CAD) to create a 3D design of your piece. With your approval, the design will be 3D printed or CNC milled on-site, with our resin printer or our CNC mill, which carves the piece out of wax. Additionally, Bob is skilled in hand-carving.
After the design and model is approved, we begin preparing it for casting.  We sprue and invest the piece, then it burns out in the kiln for 7 hours.  We use a centrifugal casting machine that allows us to cast in gold, silver, platinum and steel, all right here, in-house.  Once the piece, is cast into metal, we can sand, polish, set stones and finish out the piece.  In a matter of weeks, your vision becomes a reality!