We Make Fairy Tales Happen...

It's been a busy week here at ALFJ!

It all started with a guy in love with a girl - he wanted to get her the most beautiful ring! Unfortunately, the mounting he chose needed to be ordered, and it wasn't going to make it in time for their engagement. Knowing this, we got to work! 

We started doing CAD and modeling a ring identical to what he wanted. Three hours later, a 3D model was printed, and we were getting it ready to go into the kiln. Fast forward another 7 hours, and what was once a resin model is now someone's symbol of love and commitment.

It took another day to set all of the side diamonds - 166 to be exact! Once we got all the sparkle on the sides, it was time for the bling in the center, a 1.45 carat Princess Cut diamond.

Ahhh, perfection! 

We are so happy and excited that we could be just a small part in this couple making a memory to last a lifetime. We are excited to share pictures with you, but you'll have to wait until after she says "yes"! Stay tuned...